#TheList: Photos Taken Right Before Tragedy Occurred

Here are some photos taken right before tragedy or something similar strucked leading to the death of a person or a group of people, check out the list…

 Head On Collision

Tragic Photos Taken Right Before Tragedy Struck

At first look, this resembles your regular upbeat selfie, taken by two companions without a consideration on the planet. Also, you would be correct. Collette Moreno was being given a lift to her very own lone rangeress party in Missouri by her companion Ashley Theobald and chose to take a speedy selfie of the energy going on in the vehicle on the way.

Shockingly, taking selfies while driving, regardless of whether you aren’t in the driver’s seat can be unsafe, and Collette, the lady to be, was murdered just minutes after the fact in a head on crash.

 The Monster in the Smoke

This picture taken by picture taker Robert Landsberg. He figured out how to catch the mass of fiery debris that was framed when Mt. St. Helen’s emitted.

The smoke would in the end execute him, yet he ensured the film with his body.