35 Tuition-Free College And Universities In The United States


For most college-bound students, free tuition seems like a lovely, but unlikely, dream. You may think that full scholarships are only for super-geniuses and star athletes; you may have accepted that a mountain of student loans is your future – it’s just the price you pay for a college education.

But that’s not the case at all. Nobody deserves to be weighted down with a backbreaking load of debt when they graduate from college, and if you’re strategic about how you make your decisions, you don’t need to be. There are quite a few tuition-free colleges and universities in the US, and plenty of ways to get free tuition at others – you just have to know where to look.

Here is our list of tuition-free college and universities in the United States and how to apply:

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Stanford University

35 Tuition-Free College And Universities In The United States

With its status as the central institution in Silicon Valley, Stanford University is, far and away, the most popular “Dream College” of thousands of American students. Founded in 1885 by railroad baron Leland Stanford, Stanford University was intended to be the Cornell of the west, modeled on the Ivy League university that pioneered engineering and applied sciences. But Stanford turned out to be quite more, especially as it took an innovative, entrepreneurial turn following WWII.

By encouraging and investing in the technological innovations of its students and faculty, Stanford helped create, essentially, the modern world, centered around Silicon Valley. From Nobel Laureates and Turing Award winners, to internationally known billionaires and companies like Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, and Google, Stanford has made its mark on the past and future.

Stanford has not other ambition but to continue that tradition as long as possible, and the university does that by seeking out the world’s most promising, imaginative, and motivated students. To ensure that they have the very best, Stanford follows the Ivy League’s lead by promising that every accepted student will have their entire financial needs met without student loans.

Every student receives scholarships, grants, and other non-loan aid to meet their demonstrated need; nearly half of Stanford students receive need-based aid as well. Almost every students whose family makes under $65,000 a year gets a full scholarship from Stanford, and a great many students complete their degree without paying a dime.

Williamson E. Macaulay Honors College

Williamson E. Macaulay Honors College (CUNY) is CUNY’s most highly selective college that receives some of New York’s most promising young minds, and gives them the tools to be successful as students and also as graduates. One of the important aspects of this institution is the support they provide for their students.

This includes extensive advising options, and has the highest advisor-to-student ratio of any other Honors Colleges in the United States. As a result of this and other policies, the Macaulay Honors College has received some of the highest ratings among public honors colleges and programs. They are known as the premier Honors College of New York City. In 2018 one of their students became a prestigious Rhodes Scholar, the most recent in a list of other alumni accolades.

The Williamson E. Macaulay Honors College offers each of their students a merit scholarship package, unlike any other in the city. The package includes tuition, a laptop computer, and access to the Opportunities Fund (subject to the availability of funds). Students will also receive the Cultural Passport, a photo ID card that both allows access into the Macaulay building and provides amazing access to many of New York’s cultural riches including art, cultural, and history museums, and other educational and entertaining attractions around the city.

Students who meet CUNY New York State residency requirements for in-state tuition have the opportunity to graduate free from tuition debt thanks to the tuition scholarship. It covers four years of undergraduate study excluding fees and expenses.

Williamson College Of The Trades

Williamson College of the Trades is a men’s junior vocational college founded in 1888, by Philadelphia-based Merchant and Philanthropist Isaiah Vansant Williamson. The campus is located on 220 acres of land in Middletown, Pennsylvania, near the town Media, a suburb of Philadelphia. This vocational school comes from the foundation of Judeo-Christian thought, though is not affiliated with any specific sect or religious belief system.

They do, however, believe in supporting a highly disciplined lifestyle, and encourage this in all students, faculty and staff. All students are required to live on campus for three years of study, while also being required to attend Chapel Service each morning. Graduates are granted an associate’s degree in their field of choice, or they can choose a diploma in Carpentry or Masonry.

Williamson College of the Trades offers each student full scholarships that include tuition, room, textbooks, board, among other costs. Students, however, are required to cover the costs of their own health insurance, as well as various tools and personal items required to be successful in program. There is an annual shop fee that is also mandatory, which varies from one program to another.

To remain eligible, students will be required to have regular drug tests and immunizations, and those who participate in athletics are required to have a regular physical examination. Williamson is committed to providing students with affordable options towards innovative career paths.




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