These Celebrities Have The Highest Net Worth And It Is Mind Blowing

It’s a well-known fact that celebrities make a lot of money but how much money may surprise you. From actors to basketball players these celebrities rake in millions of dollars a year. Some celebrities are smart with their money and diversify their portfolio, investing and building side businesses.

Some even end up making more money in investments than their original skill! So which celebrities have the highest net worth? You’re about to find out.

Just like fame, money can be fleeting for some of your favorite stars. While some have gone broke from expensive purchases, some have a personal value to rival most countries!

All hyperbole aside, some of your favorite stars are worth more than you can guess, while others are basically on financial life support.

Lets Begin;


Mariah Carey – Net Worth: $300 million

25+ Richest Celebrities With The Highest Net Worth

Famous singer, actress, and record producer Mariah Carey has sold over 200 million albums. Her massive success in the music industry has garnered her a net worth of $300 million.

Beyonce – Net Worth: $500 million

Massively popular singer Beyonce wasn’t always in the spotlight. She got her start in the group “Destiny’s Child” before going solo. Her career as a singer, actress, and fashion designer has made her $500 million.