20 Richest Politicians In The United States With The Highest Net Worth

By now it’s no secret that many of America’s most powerful politicians are also quite wealthy. But few people understand exactly how wealthy those leaders, policy makers and administrators truly are. In fact, several members of Congress (and one he-who-will-not-be-named current U.S. President) actually rank among the richest Americans in the country, period.

And to question exactly where their interests lay: with the American people they’ve been elected to protect, or with their own bank accounts? Read on to learn all about the richest American politicians currently shaping our national identity.

Here’s a list of the richest politicians in the United States and a little background check including their net worth… Let’s Begin


Vern Buchanan

20 Richest Politicians In The United States With The Highest Net Worth

Florida’s longtime representative to the House, Vern Buchanan made his fortune in car dealerships, a jet business and even the Sarasota Ritz-Carlton. He later decided to enter politics, eventually gaining the approval of then-President George W. Bush (whose brother, Jeb, was Florida’s governor at the time). A fundraiser hosted by Dick Cheney paved the way to a successful campaign.

Buchanan faced much scrutiny by the House Ethics Committee over alleged failure to disclose his finances. These issues multiplied when several previous employee sued Buchanan for hiring undocumented immigrants and consumer fraud. Buchanan was eventually cleared of charges on grounds of insufficient evidence. He has typically voted in line with nearly every GOP position. He’s worth a little over $75 Million