30 Most Generous Celebrities In The World

In a society obsessed with putting wealth, fame and beauty at the forefront of success, many have forgotten the more human values of what it means to be happy- and it seems to be harming our mental health. According to a recent study, Americans are more depressed than they have been in decades and Westerners from other parts of the world aren’t much better off.

In the developed world, these fundamental human attributes are becoming lost in a haze of societal shifts geared more towards an ego-centric narrative and Hollywood has been no exception in helping shape this.

However, the good news is that not every celebrity has lost themselves in their own hype. Many have remained grounded and given back to those less fortunate. Here are 30 heartwarming examples… Let’s Begin;


Matthew McConaughey

The affable Texan is one of the smoothest guys in Hollywood with a host of impressive acting credits to his name. But there’s more to the Academy Award-winner than his profession.

As well as being a standout guy in an industry dominated by media-trained puppets, Matthew has put his fame and good fortune to use by creating the Just Keep Livin’ foundation, which has so far raised more than $2 million to help support child education programs.