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Ashinaga Scholarships for Orphans from Sub-Saharan Africa 2021

Ashinaga is a non-profit establishment based in Japan, and it offers acadamic and emotional support to orphaned students. This organization is offering scholarships to orphans from select sub-Saharan countries in Africa to study for a degree at the world’s leading universities in countries such as Japan, US, UK etc.

Application Deadline: 19th February 2021.

Offered annually? Yes

Eligible Area of Study: All programs offered at applicant’s choice higher institution

To be taken at (nation): Higher institutions outside of Africa, in nations like Japan, US, UK etc

Eligible Nations: Angola, Cape Verde, Botswana, The Gambia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Lesotho, Mauritius, Malawi, Namibia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, South Africa, Tanzania, Swaziland, Zambia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe

Type: Undergraduate

Number of Scholarships: 20

Value of Scholarship Award: The Ashinaga Scholarship award offers a full scholarship award that provides the cost of tuition, housing (during the terms and vacation), flight, insurance, and offers monthly allowance which covers food and necessary academic expenses.

Duration of Scholarship Award: for the length of undergraduate studies

Eligibility for Ashinaga Scholarships for Orphans from Sub-Saharan Africa

To be qualified for this program, candidates have to:

  • Be an orphan
  • Be 23 or younger, having been born after 1st September 1998
  • Have finished high school not more than two years
  • Be devoted to going back to Sub-Saharan Africa once they have consluded their studies overseas

How to Apply for Ashinaga Scholarships for Orphans from Sub-Saharan Africa

Candidates are strongly encouraged to apply online using the portal. However, if this is not possible you can also apply using our paper application form. This form can be downloaded here.

After downloading and completing your application you will have to send your scanned form and all relevant documents to [email protected]

The following are required during application;

  • Completed application form
  • Working email address and telephone number
  • Document verifying the demise of one or both parents, like a death certificate
  • Evidence of age, like a birth certificate, national ID or passport
  • Secondary school/high school graduation certificate
  • Results from final national exams
  • Academic records from the last two years of high school
  • Passport-style photo of yourself

Visit The Official Website For More Information

Application Deadline

  • 19th February 2021

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