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One World Media Awards for Journalists and Filmmakers in UK 2021

Applications are currently being accepted for the One World Media Awards for Journalists and Filmmakers in UK 2021.

Founded in 1988, the One World Media Awards acknowledge the best media reportage of the global south. Across 15 classifications, the awards commemorate and identify stories that break through stereotypes, transform the narrative and link people across cultures.

The Awards aim to support stories that display creativity, originality, and the prospect to bring about change. All entries should highlight under-reported stories or issues, or explore new angles on familiar topics.

Of special importance is how the story is conveyed: Is it strengthening voices that are usually unheard? Is it an inspirational story that will bring about change? Does the story challenge misunderstandings or stereotypes?

Worth of One World Media Awards

The One World Media Awards affords applicants the following benefits:

  • A unique chance to be acknowledged by some of the industry’s top experts and to gain a broader audience for your work.
  • Exposure to the only Awards recognising excellence in international journalism and filmmaking specifically from and about the global south.
  • Wealth of experience from 32 years of providing a platform for important stories to be shared and celebrated.

Eligibility for One World Media Awards

All entries are required to focus on stories, topics or matters in, about or associated with low- and middle-income nations across the global south. This comprises nations across Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Russia or the Post-Soviet States. Judges will be on the lookout for media that reports underreported stories or new angles and methods to more familiar stories.

Entries are required to have had their initial screening, theatrical release, broadcast, launch or publication between 13 February 2020 and 16 February 2021.

With the exemption of the Special Award, all categories are available to candidates anywhere in the world, on condition that the work meets one of the following conditions:

  • the entry has been screened, broadcast, or published (in print or in a recognised online publication/website) in the UK; OR
  • the entry has been published or broadcast (in a recognised print/online publication/website) globally and is obtainable for an English-speaking audience; OR
  • the entry has been aired at an international film festival.

Selection Criteria

Entries for the One World Media Awards will be evaluated based on the overall merit of the piece, with an emphasis on:

Relevance, originality and creativity of the coverage

  • Highlights underreported stories or issues
  • Explores new angles on familiar topics
  • Tackles misunderstandings and/or stereotypes of the global south

Substance and accuracy of the coverage

  • Depth of research and analysis
  • Precise and balanced reporting that underlines the voices and viewpoints of people in and from the global south.

Impact and reach of the coverage

  • Displays the actual influence or prospect for the coverage to catalyse change
  • May have brought about extra media coverage or policy change
  • Attention may be afforded to the total audience reached


  • Entries are required to display a devotion to diversity and representation in areas, like: subject representation, project team, themes and narratives, industry access and prospects for multiplicity in audience development.

Quality of the coverage

  • Well-crafted, structured and engaging
  • High production and editorial values
  • Refines and presents complex topics to the target audience in a comprehensible and accessible manner

Very Important

  • Every standard entry is £165, with cut-price rates for freelancers (£40) and scholars (£25). Additional reductions are provided to journalists/filmmakers from developing nations. Please complete the requisite form to be given consideration for the discounted rate.
  • Candidates may hand in any number of entries into any number of categories, but a distinct online entry form and entry fee will be needed for each.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable once paid.
  • Entries will not be accepted into the competition until payment has been received and this should be no later than the deadline.

How to Apply for One World Media Awards

Applications are to be carried out online through the official website.

Application Deadline

All entries are required to be submitted and paid for by February 16, 2021 to be given consideration for the awards. The submission portal will close at 17:00 GMT.

Visit this link for Additional Information and to apply

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