Quest University Presidential Scholarships in Canada 2021

Quest University Presidential Scholarships acknowledge the accomplishment and contributions scholars have made to their school and local community, contributions the university anticipate they will continue to make at Quest. All candidates, notwithstanding their nation of origin, are qualified to apply for scholarship awards and/or financial aid.

Quest University was established in 2007 by Dr. David Strangway with a single objective: to transform undergraduate education. The university provide scholarship awards to candidates whose applications show they could have outstanding contributions to Quest and beyond.

Quest University Presidential Scholarships are granted to candidates who have distinguished themselves not only by their academic record, but also through their inquisitiveness, ability to lead, and readiness to contribute to their community. Quest University’s Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences (BA&Sc) program is demanding. A candidate’s academic record is crucial for this scholarship award, but all constituents of the admissions application are weighed during the assessment. Reference letters and a resume or CV can substantially reinforce the application. This award is obtainable to all candidates.

Application Deadline: 1st March 2021

Offered annually? Yes

Eligible Countries: All

To be taken at (nation): Canada

Type: Undergraduate

Eligibility for Quest University Presidential Scholarships

All candidates, irrespective of their nation of origin, are qualified to apply for Quest University Presidential Scholarships.

  • The Quest program is demanding, and an important requirement for a scholarship award is the candidate’s academic record. This is not assessed by strict numerical parameters, however; they are more impressed by a candidate who has excelled in the most demanding courses available instead of one who attained the highest grades by selecting an easier route to graduation. 
  • The University is also interested in extramural undertakings — not the number of various clubs you became a member of, but the drive with which you pursued your non-academic interests and the influence you made on your countrymen and your community. Some ways that candidates have showcased this is through sports, leadership, community service, clubs, theatre, volunteering, other talents, and so on.
  • Quest University Presidential Scholarships are granted to candidates who have demonstrated an eagerness to learn, an ability to lead, a readiness to contribute, and an appetite for excellence. 
  • This scholarship is bound by the Scholarship Renewal Policy found in link below.

Selection Process

The Scholarship Review Committee will assess each candidate’s application for financial assistance (scholarship and/or aid) only once. After a scholarship award package has been granted, no other financial awards applications will be considered.

Value of Award: $2000 to $18,000 per year

How to Apply for Quest University Presidential Scholarships

Candidates access and submit Scholarship award applications on SquareOne, Quest’s application platform. Candidates will obtain login details for SquareOne after submitting their Quest Application or Common Application. Scholarship award applications have to be submitted at the period of application and prior to posted closing dates. Priority is afforded to applications handed in by March 1.

  • Candidates applying through the Quest Application will be asked to submit scholarship award applications together with their admissions application.
  • Candidates applying through the Common Application will submit scholarship award applications on their Application Management Page after the Common Application is completed. Log-in details for the Application Management Page are forwarded to candidates after their Common Application is gotten.
  • Although not required, it is strongly recommended that candidates submit reference letters and a resume or CV to support their scholarship award application.

Quest scholarship awards are granted upon entrance and are renewable given the continuing candidates maintains scholarship-specific eligibility requirement every year. Scholarship awards have to be applied for before resuming at Quest. Scholarship awards are not granted to candidates who have already started their studies at Quest.

Comprehensive details about Quest’s scholarship policies, procedures and terms can be found in the Academic Calendar.

Visit Scholarship Webpage for details

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