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Howard Buffett Fund for Women Journalists in USA 2021

The International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) in the United States is taking applications for the Howard Buffett Fund for Women Journalists globally in 2021.

The Howard Buffett Fund for Women Journalists intends to assist women journalists in their projects and endeavours. Possible projects entail uncovering underreported but crucial international issues; taking on traditional media narratives; growing field-based expertise and reinforcing careers; seeking training and leadership chances; and launching entrepreneurial news projects or obtaining the skill to do so.

Candidates may put in for one of two various types of funding: reporting projects or professional development chances. Reporting projects comprise journalistic work in any media format, comprising but not restricted to digital, print, video, photography and new media. The Fund for Women Journalists will give priority to reporting projects centered around underreported stories of international importance.

The IWMF’s Howard Buffett Fund for Women Journalists backs the production of ambitious projects and underreported, internationally crucial stories. For the following eight years, the IWMF will award a yearly total of $230,000 worth of grants to assist women journalists in their projects and endeavours. The fund is not restricted in either the grant dollar amount or the number of grants bestowed within the yearly total.

The fund was structured to assist women journalists from all over the world by providing beneficiaries support to

  • Expose under-reported but crucial international issues
  • Take on ambitious projects that tackle traditional media narratives
  • Grow field-based expertise and reinforce careers
  • Seek critical skills training and leadership chances
  • Create entrepreneurial news projects or obtain the skill to do so

A voting committee containing eminent IWMF Board Members, Courage in Journalism Recipients, past IWMF recipients, and senior practicing journalists and editors will select beneficiaries.

Candidates are encouraged to give consideration to their project publication or production plans well before submission and may comprise an optional letter of support for their project.

Worth of Howard Buffett Fund for Women Journalists

About $230,000 will be awarded each year. Grant sizes will be contingent on the proposal and the inclusion of a comprehensive budget.

Eligibility for Howard Buffett Fund for Women Journalists

The following are qualified to apply for the grants;

  • Women journalists from anywhere globally are qualified to apply.
  • Candidates must identify as women.
  • Practicing journalism must be the applicant’s primary profession.
  • Candidates should possess three or more years of post-graduate professional journalism experience.
  • Groups of journalists may apply, however, the submission should be from a woman journalist and her team should comprise at least 50% women.
  • Particular consideration will be afforded to freelance journalists.

How to Apply for Howard Buffett Fund for Women Journalists

Candidates should be ready to provide the following information (in English):

  • Contact Information and Resume/CV
  • Brief explanation of the project or opportunity you are looking for funding
  • If applicable, a record of any other team members or candidates
  • Explanation of the objective of the proposal and the issue/problem it is structured to address
  • Estimated budget and time frame

Additional Application Information

The IWMF makes use of an online application system called Submittable for candidates to submit proposals.

A link to the online Submittable system is obtainable on the IWMF’s website.

So as to commence an application in Submittable, you are expected to sign up for a username and password via Submittable’s online system. The system enables candidates to log-in and save work prior to creating a final submission.

Candidates will obtain a confirmation e-mail once a finished grant proposal has been submitted.

Candidates will be informed once the panel makes a decision on your application.

Candidates and beneficiaries retain their intellectual property rights all through their relationship with the IWMF.

Owing to a high quantity of applications, they can only provide limited feedback on individual proposals.

Application Deadline

Application is accepted on a rolling.

Visit here for more information and to apply

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