Miles Morland Foundation Writing Scholarship for Africans 2021

Miles Morland Foundation is taking applications for the Miles Morland Foundation Writing Scholarship award for Africans for the 2021/22 academic session.

It can be tough for writers before they become established to write while at the same time trying to earn a living. To help target this need, the MMF yearly grants a small number of Miles Morland Foundation Writing Scholarship award, with the objective of being able to allow each scholar the time to turn in the first draft of a completed book. The scholarship awards are available to anyone writing in the English language who was given birth to in Africa, or both of whose parents were given birth to in Africa.​

At the end of each month, scholars must send the foundation 10,000 new words that they will have written over the course of the month. Scholars are also asked to donate to the MMF 20% of whatever they subsequently receive from the book they write during the period of their scholarship. This includes revenues as a result of film rights, serializations, or other ancillary revenues arising from the book written during the scholarship period. These funds will be used to assist other talented writers. The 20% return obligation should be considered a debt of honour rather than a legally binding obligation.

Worth of Miles Morland Foundation Writing Scholarship

Scholars writing fiction will obtain a grant of £18,000, paid every month over a period of twelve months. At the decision of the foundation, scholars writing non-fiction, who need extra research time, could obtain an additional grant, paid across a period of up to eighteen months.​

Eligibility for Miles Morland Foundation Writing Scholarship

  • The only condition enforced on the scholars during the period of their scholarship award is that they have to write.
  • They will be required to submit by email a minimum of 10,000 new words each month until they have completed their book, or their scholarship award term has ended.
  • If the initial draft of the book is finished before the year is up, payments will keep going while the scholar edits and refines their work.
  • The scholarship awards are meant for complete works of adult fiction or non-fiction. Poetry, plays, children’s books, film scripts, and short story collections do not qualify.

How to Apply for Miles Morland Foundation Writing Scholarship

  • The applicants should submit an explanation of between 400 – 1,000 words of the work they plan to write. The proposal has to be for a full-length book of not less than 80,000 words. The MMF does not take proposals for cooperative writing or short story collections. The proposal must be for an entirely new work, not a work in progress, and has to be in English.
  • Please be aware that if you are shortlisted for a Miles Morland Foundation Writing Scholarship award, you will be required to send a 3,000 – 4,000 word “chapter” of the book you are planning to write on your scholarship award year to help the judges evaluate your ability.
  • Writers will be informed that they have been shortlisted at the end of October.
  • Shortlisted applicants will then have 15 days to hand in the sample “chapter”.
  • In view of that, please carry out some advance thinking about the sample “chapter” you will have to submit if you are shortlisted.


The Foundation will not evaluate or comment on the monthly submissions as they are submitted. However, each writer will be afforded the chance to be mentored by a renowned author or publisher. In most cases, the mentorship will start after the book has been completed and the Scholarship award period has finished. At the decision of the Foundation, the expense of the mentorship will be shouldered by the MMF. It is not the aim of the MMF to function as an editor or a publisher. Scholars will have to look for their own agents and publishers although the MMF is happy to provide advice.

Application Deadline

Applications for the Miles Morland Foundation Writing Scholarship will be received between July 1st, 2021, and September 18th, 2021. Applications handed in outside that period will not be considered.

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