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MIT SOLVE Challenge for Resilient Ecosystems in USA 2021

Massachusetts Institute of Technology SOLVE is taking applications from entrepreneurs globally for the MIT SOLVE Challenge for Resilient Ecosystems in the United States in 2021.

A lot of examples of successful ecosystem management is present at the project or community level worldwide, especially those that draw on native knowledge and custom practices. However, a lot of these methods face problems in maintaining and scaling their impact. Technology and invention can help increase efficiency, reproduce good models, and make sure communities obtain durable sources of funding, land rights, and data control.

The MIT Solve community is on the lookout for technology-focused solutions that help communities reinstate, sustain, and gain from resilient ecosystems. To that end, Solve is looking for solutions that:

  • Sustain and restore carbon-rich ecologies and biodiversity hotspots, whether coastal, terrestrial, or marine.
  • Offer scalable and demonstrable monitoring and data collection to monitor ecosystem conditions, like carbon stocks, biodiversity, or productivity.
  • Group local projects to allow access to financial capital for bionetwork services like water quality, natural hazard mitigation, and carbon storage.
  • Produce scalable economic chances for local communities, like fishing, tourism, timber, and regenerative agriculture, that are associated with flourishing and biodiverse ecosystems

Worth of MIT SOLVE Challenge for Resilient Ecosystems

All solutions chosen for Solve’s five present Global Challenges will obtain a $10,000 grant financed by Solve. Solver teams will be chosen by a committee of cross-sector judges at Virtual Solve Challenge Finals on September 19, 2021.

Minderoo Prize to End Global Overfishing

The Minderoo Prize to End Global Overfishing is available to solutions that make use of ground-breaking technology to assist improve fisheries supervising, eradicate illegal fishing and involuntary labor, and improve supply chain integrity. The prize is financed by Minderoo Foundation, an Australian philanthropic establishment devoted to returning the oceans to a thriving state by 2030. As much as $100,000 will be awarded to up to four qualified Solver teams from the MIT SOLVE Challenge for Resilient Ecosystems.

The ServiceNow Prize

The ServiceNow Prize is obtainable to solutions that link communities to grow, share, and reproduce best practices for carbon absorption and decarbonization. The prize is financed by ServiceNow, a cloud computing channel which is concentrated on making the world of work work better for societies. As much as $100,000 will be awarded to up to four Solver teams from the Resilient Ecosystems Challenge.

Innovation for Women Prize: As much as $75,000 will be awarded across up to three Solver teams from any of Solve’s present Global Challenges.

The GM Prize

The GM Prize is obtainable for solutions that assist to create smart, safe, and viable communities all over the world. The Prize is financed by General Motors, which is working toward being the most inclusive organization in the world, and devoted to making STEM education more obtainable and equitable. As much as $150,000 will be awarded to up to six beneficiaries from the Antiracist Technology in the US, Equitable Classrooms, and MIT SOLVE Challenge for Resilient Ecosystems.

Eligibility for MIT SOLVE Challenge for Resilient Ecosystems

  • In the short term, they require improved solutions for prevention, precise detection, and quick response.
  • MIT Solve is looking for tech innovations that can reduce and track the spread of a new outbreak, for instance by improving personal hygiene, creating cheap rapid diagnostics, analyzing data that influences decision making, and offering tools that support and safeguard health workers.
  • At the same time, they cannot only treat disease epidemics reactively. Climate change and globalization makes us ever more exposed to future epidemics and pandemics, and it’s important to be ready.
  • Solve is also looking for solutions that concentrate on preventative and alleviation techniques that reinforces access to cheap primary healthcare systems, improve disease surveillance systems, and enhance healthcare supply chains.

How to Apply for MIT SOLVE Challenge for Resilient Ecosystems

You can hand in your solution entry via the application link on their website

Application Deadline

Closing date to apply is June 16, 2021.

Visit here for more details and to apply

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