Padua International Excellence Scholarship in Italy 2021

The University of Padua awards Padua International Excellence Scholarship to highly talented potential candidates wishing to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program completely delivered in English in PaduaThe scholarship award program is highly selective. Only applicants displaying the highest accomplishments and school / academic records may obtain a scholarship award. Successful candidates will be required to fulfil an ambassadorial responsibility and represent the University at some events.

Value of scholarship award: fee-waiver + €8,000 scholarship award (gross amount) per a.y. The only money to be paid by recipient candidates for each year comprises of an admission fee, equivalent to the regional tax and marca da bollo.

Duration: the Padua International Excellence Scholarship award program has a maximum length of:

  • 2 continuous years for Master’s degree candidates;
  • 3 continuous years for Bachelor’s degree and Single-Cycle degree students.

After the length specified above, recipient candidates will be required to cover their own costs and also tuition fees until graduation.

Who can apply: exceptionally talented prospective foreign students from all around the world looking to enrol in one of University of Padua Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees completely delivered in English.

Eligibility for Padua International Excellence Scholarship in Italy

You can be given consideration for the selection process, under penalty of exclusion, if you fulfil the criteria below.

  1. Do not have an Italian nationality (apart from dual citizenship including Italian);
  2. possess a non-Italian foreign high school diploma (for Bachelor’s degree or Single-cycle degrees candidates) or a non-Italian Bachelor’s degree (for Master’s degrees candidates) enabling admission to the Italian University system;
  3. do not reside in Italy;
  4. put in to one or more of the aforementioned degree programs completely delivered in English language at the University of Padua. Please keep in mind that you can apply up to 3 degree programs.

How to Apply for Padua International Excellence Scholarship in Italy

If you satisfy these conditions, you will be given automatic consideration for the selection process. There is no distinct application or extra specific documents to be submitted apart from those required to apply for the chosen degree program.

Selection criteria: the Academic Commitee of each degree programme shortlists eligible applicants and awards the most deserving applicants the scholarships, on the basis of academic excellence in their field of study, quality, and records from their prior learning.

All selection outcomes will be available at based on the following timeline:

  • from 10th March 2021 – for open access degree programs (application timeline: 2nd November 2020 – 2nd February 2021);
  • from 8th April 2021 – for limited access degree programs (application timeline: 7th January – 7th March 2021);
  • from 7th July 2021 for the study tracks in Management Engineering and in Earth Dynamics (application length: 2 March 2021 – 2 June 2021);
  • after publication of IMAT test outcomes in the case of the Single-cycle degree program in Medicine and Surgery.

Acceptance: if you are granted a Padua International Excellence scholarship award, you will obtain a Padua International Excellence scholarship award offer specifying the process and the deadline to accept it.

Payments arrangements and maintenance criteria: the scholarship award will be paid in two (2) parts of  €4,000 (gross amount) each every academic session upon attainment of the merit criteria stated in the Call for applications.

Revocation: the University of Padua will withdraw your scholarship award if:

  • you do not get a minimum of 20 ECTS by 30th November 2021
  • you decide to transfer to another University or withdraw from your program.

In the above situation, you shall repay the amount of the scholarship award already obtained.

Comprehensive details on the Padua International Excellence Scholarship awards will be obtainable in the Call for applications.

Info: International Engagement Office – Admissions and Welcome Unit: [email protected]

For More InformationVisit The Award Webpage

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