SDA Bocconi Scholarships in Italy 2021

Applications are presently being accepted for the SDA Bocconi Scholarships which will be granted to exceptional candidates who are driven about enrolling in a degree program at SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy.

This SDA Bocconi Scholarships opening is a demanding one, structured not only to determine whether applicants are qualified for the MBA program, but also whether the program will satisfy each applicant’s expectations and career objectives.

Every year, multiple scholarship awards and tuition waivers are obtainable for exceptional applicants, thanks to the ongoing support of firms, other establishments, and also their Alumni and current students.

Student and Old Students support is the basis on which SDA Bocconi sets the foundation to provide scholarship awards for future promising young leaders who will, in turn, function as models and contribute to champion global changes beginning in the classroom and ending with a fresh professional path. Therefore, scholarship award beneficiaries may consider giving back to assist the School conceive, design and execute fresh initiatives and a better program, and also establish a stronger sense of community.

35 tuition waivers/scholarship awards are obtainable for 2021-2022 MBA edition.

Admission to the program is not dependent of the award of any scholarship award or tuition waiver.

Applications to the tuition waivers will be assessed based on the following conditions:

  • Analysis of academic and professional record;
  • Analysis of the criteria specified in the particular notice of award;
  • Results of the MBA selection process.

Application Deadline: 15th April 2021

Eligible Nations: Varies per award

To be taken at (nation): SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy

Type: MBA

Value of Scholarships: 50% to 100% of tuition fees

Number of Awardees: 35

Eligibility for SDA Bocconi Scholarships

To be eligible for the SDA Bocconi Scholarships you must:

  • Have applied to the 2021-2022 MBA Program;
  • Examine at the requirements for each scholarship/tuition waiver;
  • Apply for the Scholarship award or Tuition waiver on the online application Portal by the closing dates specified (more than one applications are allowed).
  • Candidates are required to have a minimum GMAT score of 680
  • Candidates are required to meet all admissions criteria for participation in the 2021/2022 MBA Program.
  • Applicants have to be proficient in English Language

How to Apply for SDA Bocconi Scholarships

Applications for the tuition waiver have to be submitted via the online Application portal in accordance with the closing dates specified.

You can put in to the scholarship/tuition waivers despite the fact that your selection process is still in progress.

If you satisfy more than one condition, you can apply to multiple scholarships/tuition waivers.

Admissions Results

When the selection procedure is finished, you will get a formal letter from Admissions Service which will notify you of the admissions decision. The results are never communicated by telephone.

The selection procedure will yield one of the following outcomes:

  • Admission: If you are admitted, together with the official admission notice you will obtain a participation contract.
    If all open places are occupied, the school may decide to add you to a waiting list or grant you admission for the subsequent year.
    Admission to the MBA program is only valid for the year the application is made. However, you can ask for deferment for the next year, but approval of deferment is made by the Admissions Committee. 
  • Non-Admission: Admission to the program is very competitive. The selection procedure evaluates the profile of the individual applicant while taking into consideration the composition of the MBA class, which has to be in line with the quality and diversity the school requires. While they are aware of the deep devotion all applicants have to make to go through the selection procedure, the school does not provide additional clarifications to non-admitted applicants.

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