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UNESCO Club Youth Multimedia Competition in USA 2021

USFUCA, UNESCO Center for Peace and World Genesis Foundation is requesting applications for the UNESCO Club Youth Multimedia Competition in the United States 2021.

UNESCO’s objective is to rally the optimism of youth to react to a serious world problem to serve others now. Therefore, the 2021 UNESCO Club Youth Multimedia Competition Question is:

“COVID-19 has tried Human Solidarity like nothing prior to now. On the basis of your research, skills and experience, create and submit, a Multimedia plan/project that explains the lessons we have acquired and how those lessons will structure our future. For instance, our future in education, development, employment, or social aspects.”

Worth of UNESCO Club Youth Multimedia Competition

  • The three frontrunners in each age group will obtain an official plaque inscribed with their name and a certificate.
  • They will have an invitation to UNESCO’s Builders of the Universe Camp held at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland, USA.

The invitation for the UNESCO Club Youth Multimedia Competition will comprise

  • a scholarship award for the fee for the camp,
  • food,
  • accommodations, and
  • transport to and from the airport.
  • There will be a specific ceremony held for competition winners at the camp.

In addition,

  • the top 9 contestants will be recognized and displayed in international events during the year.
  • It is also a remarkable opportunity for youth to develop leadership skills, discover how the United Nations organizes itself, and meet youth from all over the world.
  • Beneficiaries will be published on July 2021 on USFUCA and UNESCO websites.
  • However, airfare is not inclusive.

Eligibility for UNESCO Club Youth Multimedia Competition

  • Juniors – ages 10-14. Youth – ages 15-19. Young Adult – ages 20-24.
  • Applicants should apply in English by making a 3-minute multimedia creation, 500–700-word written essay, artwork, or any technique that guides a specific passion in responding to the prompt.
  • Translations or captions for projects not submitted in English language do not have to be flawless.

Judging and Selection of Winners

Submissions will be evaluated by an international committee of judges. Judging will be carried out online in two parts. Judges will get the same number of entries – arbitrarily chosen – in each age classification. When the top 10 have been chosen in each age category, the top 3 scores will be chosen. The remaining 7 will be semi-finalists. Judging will be on the basis of a sliding scale 1-10 (10 as the highest and 1 as lowest) on the basis of the conditions of significance, creativity and originality, growth, and impact.

How to Apply for UNESCO Club Youth Multimedia Competition

Be certain your entry adheres to the submission rules before submitting:

  • The work has to be related to the question.
  • Your work has to be original.
  • All candidates need to complete the Submission Form.
  • Please be certain your essay fulfils the following formatting conditions:
    • 12 point Times New Roman
    • Double-spaced
    • 1 inch margins all around
    • 500-700 words in English language in MLA format.
  • Videos have to be 3-minutes at most.
  • Images of 3-dimensional art is acceptable. You have to fill out the 100 word description of your work on the Submission Form.
  • 1 entry per person
  • Consent to the terms and conditions of the competition.

Privacy Notice

Any personal data, gathered during the period of the contest will only be utilised and divulged for purposes realistically linked with administering and advancing this contest, comprising certain internal and external communications linked to the essay competition. They may also distribute personal information of the final winner and the finalists with the press for publicity reasons. Contingent on parental consent (if needed), the overall winner and the finalists may be needed to take part in the summer camps, in publicity like press interviews or other campaigns.

Application Deadline

The UNESCO Club Youth Multimedia Competition begins February 21, 2021 and the final closing date is May 31, 2021. Judging will occur and final winners will be published July 1, 2021.

Visit here for more information and to apply

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